The Office of Research provides many research-related resources for faculty and students, and is responsible for overseeing and approving all requests for funding, reviewing IRB submissions, and facilitating connections to university-wide research assistance as needed. Faculty and students can receive help with grant / funding searches, grant writing, research design, data collection, survey development and administration, IRB, literature reviews, manuscripts related to dissemination of findings from original research, Qualtrics support, statistics, statistical software support, data collection aids such as Audio-Computer-Assisted Self-Interviewing (ACASI), multi– and inter-disciplinary connections with faculty in other departments or universities, contracts and subcontracts, writing and editing proposals, manuscripts, assistance with conceptualizing a research agenda, and more.

Additionally, we have compiled the following list to aid scholars at the College of Nursing with easy access to commonly utilized campus services and CON-specific guides for intramural and extramural research funding. Please contact the Research Associate if you have additional questions or suggestions for resources that should be included. 

  • The Office of Research Administration is UMSL’s sponsored research activities office, and is responsible for overseeing and managing all grants and grant proposals at UMSL. Every proposal for funding must be reviewed by ORA before it is submitted. When and if funds are awarded, ORA assists with grants and contracts invoicing and reporting obligations specific to the project.
  • The Institutional Review Board at UMSL is responsible for reviewing all funded research projects for ethical and legal concerns related to human subjects and animal research studies. Faculty and students with a funded project should work with the Research Associate to develop their IRB proposal and ensure all required documentation is submitted by the appropriate monthly deadline for review.
  • A checklist and associated forms for determining when a project (such as DNP capstone projects) qualifies as Quality Improvement (QI) versus IRB review can be accessed here.
  • Faculty and students engaged in research must be trained in the responsible conduct of research. It is the responsibility of each faculty member at the CON to maintain current Collaborative Institutional Initiative (CITI) training certificates on file with the IRB and the Office of Research. CITI training must be updated every four years. Please see ORA for information on how to access the training modules and send completed documentation to the Research Associate.
  • A list of software and computer programs available to faculty members at UMSL is available on the Learning Resource Lab's website.
  • UMSL uses Qualtrics software for survey administration.  You can create an account at the link provided.
The Office of Research sends a weekly newsletter to all faculty with funding opportunity announcements, notices of upcoming conferences and requests for abstracts, and other items of interest to the nursing researcher. Please send any additional announcements to be included in this newsletter to the Research Associate.