Preclinical Track Admission Criteria

The first step in the admission process for all nursing students is to be admitted to the preclinical track. Such admission does not guarantee enrollment in the clinical track of any BSN Option, unless a student qualifies for guaranteed clinical admission. To be considered for the nursing major, students must meet the following admission criteria:

First-time freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 24 transferable college credit hours:

Note: Some first-time freshmen may qualify for a guaranteed clinical space in the Traditional Full-Time Option. Please click here for more information.

Transfer students with 24 or more transferable college credit hours:

Clinical Track Admission Criteria

Clinical track spaces are limited, and are awarded to qualified students on a competitive basis. Only students who submit the required clinical application by the appropriate deadline will be considered. Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be considered for clinical admission. Please note that meeting the following minimum criteria does not guarantee that a student will earn a clinical space in either the Traditional Full-Time Option or Traditional Part-Time Option.

Note: Admission criteria are subject to change.