Home Page for Chris Niemeyer
Library Instruction Coordinator and Reference Librarian

320 Thomas Jefferson Library (MC 60) • One University Boulevard • St. Louis, MO 63121
Tel.:(314) 516-7008 • Fax: (314) 516-5853 • niemeyer@umsl.edu

I am in charge of instructional services at the Thomas Jefferson Library. If you are faculty and would like to request a library instruction session please fill out a Library Instruction Session Request Form.

There are also Web-based tutorials available that instruct about the University Libraries' Home Page and other library resources. Please click here to go to the Tutorials and Library Instruction home page. This page also contains information for faculty who would like to assign one of these tutorial for a particular class.

Please click here for other types of research assistance at the University Libraries, including in-person research assistance.

I am also the instructor for IntDsc 1010: "Information Literacy and Student Success", an online, 9-week, one-credit information literacy class delivered through interactive tutorials and short videos. The class provides students with an understanding of academic research that also sets a foundation for critical thinking skills. IntDsc 1010 helps students in practical ways, such as for researching term papers, but also in more abstract ways, such as offering an introduction to scholarship and academic knowledge.

Flash fiction:
"An Aria in Peru" - A young boy discovers magic and wonder aboard a night train from Machu Picchu. (length: 500 words)
Keywords: Peru, Cuzco, "short stories", fiction, "Machu Picchu", "Short stories about Machu Picchu", "Short stories about the Andes",