The Museum Studies program is designed for students who are planning careers working in museums or similar organizations. This supplement to the application will be used in our assessment of your ability to make substantive contributions to the museum and heritage professions. It must be submitted together with the other application materials for admission to graduate study in the Department of History. 

  1. Please list any paid or volunteer experience working in museums or with similar organizations.

  2. Please list any coursework or other related training you’ve had pertaining to museum studies or related subjects. 

  3. Please provide a brief statement of your interest in pursuing a career in museum studies. Explain why you are interested in working in museums, and anything you have done to help prepare yourself for this career (e.g. courses, seminars, readings, volunteer activities, etc.). Cite two or three of your favorite museums, and briefly explain why you like them. If you are targeting a specific type of museum studies career, please provide a detailed explanation.

  4. Please submit application materials to Graduate Admissions.

Applications must be received by the university no later than February 1.