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Amici curiae brief in support of plaintiffs - numerous organizations and individuals illustrate in detail why the CDA is overbroad.
American Civil Liberties Union press release regarding the EFF/ACLU/EPIC/et al. suit challenging the CDA on Constitutional grounds
Brief in support of an injunction against enforcement of the CDA. ALA and other plaintiffs rip the CDA to shreds.
Complaint filed by Center for Democracy & Technology, the Citizen's Internet Empowerment Coalition, People for the American Way, Freedom to Read Foundation, American Library Assoc., American Booksellers Assoc., American Soc. of Newspaper Editors, Assoc. of American Publishers, and many other organizations, as well as Wired/HotWired, Apple Computer, the Commercial Internet Exchange, and numerous online services (with the CIEC representing over 30,000 individual online service users.) This lawsuit, like the EFF/ACLU suit with which it was merged in Mar. 1996, challenges the constitutionality of the Communications Decency Amendment of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996.
_American_Reporter_ comment on the issuance of the TRO in the ACLU/EFF/et al. v. DoJ case. Somewhat caustic, as AR does not appear to be protected by the TRO. AR has filed a separate lawsuit challenging the CDA.
Judge Buckwalter's decision granting a TRO enjoining enforcement of the "indecency" (but not anti-abortion-info or "patent offensiveness") censorship restriction in the Telecom bill, until a 3-judge panel has time to review plaintiffs request for a long term preliminary injunction against *all* of these provisions. The judge agreed that the indecency restrictions are unconstitional and pose an imminent threat, but did not seem to feel this way, for some reason, about the other provisions. A vital, but only partial, victory for free speech in one battle of what will be along war.
Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition Litigation Fact Sheet (Mar. 96)
Pre-trial update: what to expect
Pre-trial update: Declarations of CIEC/EFF/ALA/ACLU/CDT side's witnesses
Afternoon trial update: Live from the courtroom; CIEC/EFF/ALA/ACLU/CDT side demonstrates what the Net and content filtration are and how they work.
Evening trial update: more on net/filtration-related testimony, and testimony on threats to small online service providers.
Trial update - more EFF/ACLU/CIEC/ALA/CDT testimony & DoJ cross-examination.
Trial update - more EFF/ACLU/CIEC/ALA/CDT testimony & DoJ cross-examination. (Despite the date, it's for real. Not an April fool posting. :-)
Excerpts from DoJ and anti-porn groups' April 29 briefs, typed in by Declan McCullagh.
the full text of the ACLU/EFF/+others complaint (lawsuit) filed Feb. 8, 1996 to challenge the Comms. Decency section of the '96 Telecom Reform Act, on constitutionality grounds.
Plaintiff's memorandum of law in support of a motion for temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction.
EFF press release regarding the important lawsuit filed Feb. 8, 1996 challenging the constitutionality of the 1996 Telecom Bill's "Communications Decency" amendment, and seeking an injunction against enforcement of this terrible new law until the case as a whole is decided.
Electronic Privacy Info. Center's press release regarding the EFF/ACLU/EPIC/et al. suit challenging the CDA on Constitutional grounds.
Affidavit in support of motion for temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction, from Electronic Privacy Info. Center's Marc Rotenberg.
Glenn Hauman's summary of the Apr. 15 hearing.
Mark Mangan's summary of the Apr. 12 hearing.
Plaintiff Declan McCullagh's incisive March 21, 1996 dispatch from the Philadelphia courtroom covering the first day of hearings in the EFF/ACLU/ALA et al. lawsuit.
Declan McCullagh's March 22, 1996 dispatch covering the second day of hearings, with Prof. Donna Hoffman and the head of the Carnegie Library testifying.
Declan McCullagh's April 1, 1996 update covering the last day of the EFF/ACLU/ALA portion of the case, with AOL and ACLU representatives testifying.
Declan McCullagh's April 3, 1996 update describing the DoJ's proposed witnesses in the EFF/ACLU/ALA case and the brief hearing in the Shea v. Reno case.
Declan McCullagh's April 9, 1996 dispatch on the Cherry v. Reno case and the DoJ's unethical inclusion of the Rimm study.
Declan McCullagh's April 11, 1996 update on DoJ's "expert" witness, Dan Olsen and his grand censorship scheme.
Declan McCullagh's summary of Apr. 12 hearing - Olsen and the DoJ net-smut expert cross-examined.
Declan McCullagh's report on the April 15 hearing and the judges' pointed questions to Olsen.
Declan McCullagh's May 4 fight-censorship dispatch on the post-hearing briefs, including one anti-CDA amicus brief and two pro-CDA briefs from a half-dozen "family values" groups.
Declan McCullagh's summary of witness Dan Olsen's inept testimony at the Apr. 12 hearing.
list of plaintiffs in EFF/ACLU case, with descriptions (excerpted from the complaint). Does NOT include plaintiffs in the CIEC/CDT/ALA case, which has been merged with the EFF/ACLU case. See the CIEC/CDT/ALA complaint for those plaintiffs.
Wired/HotWired press release (and Todd Lappin intro) regarding Wired's participation in the CIEC suit.

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