Production and Operations Management: An Applied Modern Approach
by Joseph S. Martinich

Chapter 1
Production Systems and Operations Management

Chapter 2
Operations Strategy

Chapter 3
Tours of Operations

Chapter 4

Tutorial 1
Optimization Models, Linear Programming and Heuristics

Chapter 5
Product Design and Operations

Chapter 6
Capacity Planning and Facility Location

Tutorial 2
Decision Analysis

Chapter 7
Selecting the Process Structure and Technology

Chapter 8
Process Design and Facility Layout

Chapter 9
Waiting Lines

Tutorial 3
Simulation Analysis for Operations Management

Chapter 10
Job Design, Work Methods, and Organization

Chapter 11
The Quality Management System

Chapter 12
Aggregate Planning

Chapter 13
Inventory Planning and Managing Materials with Independent Demands

Chapter 14
Managing Materials with Dependent Demands

Chapter 15
Just-In-Time, Lean, and Synchronous Production Systems

Chapter 16
Operations and Personnel Scheduling

Chapter 17
Project Planning and Scheduling


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