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Many students who are using this text encounter operations management issues every day at work, and are able to use many of the concepts, principles, and methodologies presented in this text. Why not share your experiences with other students, and possibly become one of the people featured in the "On the Job Profiles" in the next edition of this book?

If you encounter operations management problems, such as managing materials, designing facilities, scheduling work or workers, managing projects, or any other problems presented in this book, please share them with other students by sending a description of them to us. Simply fill in the following form with a description of your job and how you encounter operations management issues, and how you have used (or might use) the concepts and methodologies from this book. These responses will then be edited and organized and placed on the "Student Experiences" page of this website. (The identity of the student and the company will be omitted or disguised if you wish.) It is also our hope to use these submissions to select one or more students to be profiled in the "On the Job" boxes in future editions of the book. So, if you would be willing to be contacted as a possible "On the Job" profile, please indicate that in the appropriate box. To see samples of other students' responses click here.


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Please describe your job and the operations management issues you encounter or operations management responsibilities you have. The more detail you can provide, the more meaningful your experiences will be for other students.

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