Cognitive Automation Use Cases

We define cognitive automation as using software to automate or augment tasks that process unstructured data using inference based algorithms to produce probabilistic outcomes.  During the course, the class will examine two organizational adoptions of cognitive automation tools; one company adopted IPsoft and one company adopted IBM Watson.  

Your group’s job is to find other organizations that are using a cognitive automation tool. You have two options:  Either interview 3 people within one organization and produce a detailed client adoption case study, or interview 3 people from different companies and provide a higher level description of each.

Please be aware of your audience:  The audience will be aware of the market size, definitions of cognitive automation; The audience will already be familiar with IPsoft and Watson, but not familiar with a new tool.  So if you pick a new tool, we will need an overview of the tool, perhaps a short demonstration video is available.

The presentation should cover:

*       Size of company in terms of sales and profits & number of employees

*       Major products/services the company sells

*       High level organizational chart

*       Division within the organization where CA was adopted

*       Describe the business process

*       Describe why the organization decided to adopt CA (business case)

*       Why did they select the tool they did?

*        What were the major technical challenges?

*       How well does the CA tool perform?

*       How were stakeholders managed? (employees, customers, managers)

*       What were the outcomes on shareholders, employees, and outcomes?

*       What lessons were learned?

*       How do this case’s lessons compare with what you learned in class?