Blockchain Use Cases

We define a blockchain  as “a   decentralized, peer-to-peer   system   for   validating,  time-stamping, and permanently storing transactions on a distributed ledger that uses encryption  protocols  to  authenticate digital  asset  ownership  and consensus protocols to  validate  transactions,  prevent  double  spending  and  ensure  the integrity  of  the  digital  ledger. Some blockchains  also  use smart  contracts  that apply   rules   to   automatically   execute   transactions   based   on   agreed   upon conditions.”

Your group’s job is to find organizations that are using blockchain technologies. You have two options:  Either interview 3 people within one organization and produce a detailed client adoption case study, or interview 3 people from different companies and provide a higher level description of each.

Please be aware of your audience:  The audience will be aware of the market size, definitions of blockchain, and technologies such as encryption protocols, consensus protocols, cryptocurrencies, etc.

The presentation should cover:

*       Size of company in terms of sales and profits & number of employees

*       Major products/services the company sells

*       High level organizational chart

*       Division within the organization where blockchain was adopted

*       Describe the business use case

*       Describe why the organization decided to adopt blockchain (business case)

*       Why did blockchain technology did they select and why?

*        What were the major technical challenges?

*       How well does the blockchain perform?

*       How were stakeholders managed? (employees, customers, managers)

*       What lessons were learned?

*       How do this case’s lessons compare with what you learned in class?