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Will I learn about new writing genres?

A "genre" is defined as a distinctive class or category of literary composition.

This class is a very challenging, yet interesting class. You will learn about very useful genres you have never worked with before. The genres you will learn about are listed and described below.


1. Webpage Design (Personal and Course Webpage)

You will be responsible for developing a third-generation personal webpage and working in a group to develop a course webpage. You will use the book Creating Killer Websites by David Siegel to help you develop the homepages. Try checking his site out!

2. E-mail

To satisfy the participation requirement, you will have to join in e-mail discussions on the en313 listserv. You will also be responsible for e-mailing various assignments to the listserv.

3. Position Paper

You will be required to write an opinion paper on a specific topic assigned by the instructor. The paper will address the needs of the class and make use of the rhetorical terms discussed in class.

4. Oral Presentation

A 10-minute Power Point presentation will be required of you to present your position paper to the class. The class atmosphere is very relaxed, informal and easy to talk to.

5. Audience/Needs Analysis

You will have to do several assignment involving in depth analysis. You may have to write a short report responding to a situation given to you or write a report defining the audience you are trying to target.

6. Object Description

You will be responsible for designing and writing a webpage that describes a specific object assigned to you in class. The assignment requires some research and a bibliography.

7. Web-Based Resume

You will be required to develop a web-based resume and cover letter. You will also cover information on mass mailings, job search strategies and interview info. Everyone can use the extra help with developing a powerful and successful resume!

8. Press Release

Every student in the class will be required to write a press release suitable for print publication that promotes the course website to its target audience.

9. Portfolio

At the end of the course, you will compile all your work in a portfolio that shows what you've done in the course and tells what you've learned from doing it.

  • English 313 may change from semester to semester because information and technology is continuously changing. Because of these changes all of the genres listed above may not be covered in future English 313 classes.


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