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     I hope the links below will tempt your interests. I've divided the galaxy into different parts for you to explore. One part of the galaxy will lead technical writers and TW students to useful resources. Another part will help students find courses and online resources for researching and writing. Other parts of the galaxy should be tempting to teachers and others interested in learning. Check out the Computers and Writing resources and the WAC links.
    If you want to reach me, you can email me at
The Tech Writers Part of the Galaxy

Technical Writing Resources for desktop publishing, graphics, ISO, and an assortment of production and legal issues relevant to folks learning about and doing technical writing. Don't miss the tech writing courses I teach.
Publishing on the Web. Resources for learning HTML, Web page design, security, and an assortment of other goodies. Don't miss the links to good examples.
Students' Part of the Galaxy

Courses. Won't you join me? Course descriptions, class handouts, and schedules. Find out what we're doing that's creating such a stir!
Don't miss the link to Students' Web Works! Here you'll find links to web sites my students have created.
Need help writing a paper? then, don't overlook The Writer's Resource Page, and its links to online encyclopedias, dictionaries, style guides, and online writing labs.
While you're here, check out the UM-St. Louis Writing Certificate Program to find out about the nationally recognized Writing Certificate Program here at UM-St. Louis.
Other Quadrants of the Galaxy to Explore

Writing Across the Curriculum Links Resources for teachers and students for cross-curricular writing and learning. Links to WAC programs at other universities, too.
Critical Thinking Links Use the form on this page to subscribe to THINK-L, the Internet listserv dedicated to and about critical thinking.
Computers and Writing Resources Resources for teachers and students interested in how computers are pushing the envelope of writing pedagogy. Don't miss the K-12 links and the online cyberjounals.

Professional Associations

Links to these professional associations will lead you to more information.

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