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The UCDC is not accepting new waitlist applications at this time due to our limited capacity and the high volume of existing waitlist applications.

The Application Process

Applications are accepted year-round. However, enrollment periods are mid-January, early-June, and mid-August. If a space becomes available outside of these times, spaces will be filled with the waiting list.

After completing the application, you will be required to pay a $25.00 application processing fee. Once the application and fee are submitted, your child will be placed on the waiting list. Waiting list cards are kept in order by the date they are received at the Center. Individuals requesting full-time care (provided a full-time spot is available) and currently enrolled families who are expecting or who have other children have priority on the waiting list. If the space you requested is offered and you turn it down, the date on your waiting list card will be changed to the day you declined the space, if you wish to remain on the list.

If you call to check on your waiting list status please keep in mind there are some things that may alter your location on the list. Children who are on the list for the current semester who do not get in will have their card moved to the next semester. Their card will be placed in the appropriate location depending on the date they were placed on the list. Or, a child on a "younger" waiting list who has a birthday, making them old enough for the next age group, will have their card placed on the "older" list in the appropriate location by date. These items could potentially change your spot on the waiting list. 

The wait for infant & toddler age children is typically 6-12 months, but has been known to take up to two years at times. The wait for a two-year-old is typically 6-9 months. Preschool ages 2 ½ to 5(or 6) years, who are using the toilet independently, occasionally experience a wait, but not always.

Thank you again for your interest in the UCDC! It is a great place for kids and families-we hope to hear from you soon.

Accepting Space and Enrolling

Once you have accepted the offered space you will need to pay a registration fee, plan a visit to the Center, pay 2 weeks tuition (non-refundable) in advance and complete a packet of enrollment forms. Once completed your child may begin attending.