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Toddlers (about 14 to 24 months)

Toddlers (approximately 14 to 24 months) have a more routine schedule than the infants.

There are specific times of the day for specific activities. Toddlers eat meals together at tables and nap starting at the same time-the length of nap may vary for each child. Toddlers eat table food (no baby food) at tables, drink from cups (no bottles) and use utensils. Toddlers sleep on cots set up in the room at nap time. Individualized planning is used, but children participate in activities they choose. Toddlers engage in sensory play, gross and fine motor play, art, cognitive and language activities. Children are encouraged to try the activities but are never forced to participate. Activities tend to be messy so play clothes are strongly recommended. Reports are prepared for parents to provide information about a child's day. The parent board and monthly newsletter also provide information. The child to teacher ratio for this classroom is 8 children with 2 teachers.