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Explorers (about 24 to 36 months)

Explorers (approximately 24 to 36 months) follow a daily schedule that may vary according to the needs of the children on a particular day.

Explorers participate in many of the same types of activities as toddlers with variations for a child's developmental changes. Children usually begin to learn to use the toilet in this age group, and teachers will use methods similar to those used at home, so the child's experiences are consistent. Explorers eat together at tables without bibs, use utensils and cups without lids. Explorers sleep on cots in the classroom. Reports which provide pertinent information about your child, are prepared for you each day. The parent board and monthly newsletter also provide information. The Explorers bring in enrichment programs from the community throughout the year. These enrichment programs usually require a small additional fee per program. The group size is 12 with 2 teachers.