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Creators & Investigators (approximately 3 ½ to 5 years)

The Creators and Investigators (approximately 3 ½ to 5 years) classrooms are based on current Constructivist theory.

The belief is that children learn from meaningful experiences that occur naturally in a social, well-planned environment. All activities, interest centers, projects and investigations are based on the children's developmental needs and interests. Teachers and children plan and participate in all areas of development. The classrooms are arranged to provide many opportunities for children to work in interest centers, and small or large groups. The rooms are comprised of interest centers including drama, art area, a physical knowledge and sensory area to explore science, a logic-mathematical area to manipulate objects and gain math and number concepts, a game center to provide opportunities not only to play games, but to gain social skills and a communication center so children have many opportunities to write, read and explore language and communication. We do offer enrichment programs from the community throughout the year. These enrichment programs usually require a small additional fee per program. The group size in each of these classrooms is 16 with 2 teachers.