Downloadable Papers of Thomas R. Ireland
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1. Replacement Cost Valuations of Production by Homemakers: Conceptual Questions and Measurement Problems (with John O. Ward). Publlished in the Journal of Forensic Economics, 1991, 4(3): 297-305. Click here to download.

2. Valuing Homemaker Production by Implied Opportunity Cost: Using a Family Human Capital Methodology, Journal of Legal Economics, 1991, 1(2):1-11.
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3. Why Hedonic Damages Are Irrelevant to Wrongful Death Litigation (with Walter D. Johnson and James D. Rodgers). Journal of Legal Economics, 1992, 2(1):49-54. Click here to download.

4. Projecting the Lost Future Economic Contribution of a Female Child: Refining Income Data to Reflect True Losses (with Anne E. Winkler). Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 1994, 4(2):18-37. Click here to Download.

5. Converting from a Present Value Lump Sum to a Future Payment Stream (with Michael L. Brookshire). Journal of Forensic Economics, 1994, 7(2):151-157.  Click here to download.

6. Medicare, Social Security, Railroad Retirement Tier I and II Benefits and Payroll Taxes: Federal Case Law and Errors by Many Forensic Economists (with Paul Taylor). Published in The Litigation Economics Digest, 1996, 2(1):79-88. Click here to Download.

7. Economic Science and Hedonic Damage Analysis in Light of Daubert v. Merrell Dow (with Walter D. Johnson and Paul Taylor). Published in the Journal of Forensic Economics, 1997, 10(2):139-156. Click here to Download.

8. The Interface Between Law and Economics and Forensic Economics. Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 1997, 7(1):60-70. Click here to download.

9. The Cross Contributions to Human Capital Creation within Families: What Economic Rights Should Outlast Marriage. Published in the Kentucky Journal of Economics and Business, 1997, Vol. 16:71-88. Click here to Download.

10. The Pfeifer Decision, Risk and Damage Awards: An Extended Response to Albrecht and Wood. Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 1997/1998, 7(3):23-34. Click here to Download.

11. Lost Pleasure of Life Analysis, Punitive Damages, and the Value of Life Literature: Three Different Approaches to Hedonic Damage Testimony. Published in The Earnings Analyst, 1998, 1:1-24. Click here to Download.

12. Compensable Nonmarket Services in Wrongful Death Litigation: A Conceptual Valuation in Light of Legal Standards. Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 1998, 7(2): 15-34. Click here to Download

13. Supramonetary Values, the Value of Life, and the Utility Theory Meanings of Tort Damages (with Roy Gilbert). Published in the Journal of Forensic Economics, 1998, 11(3):189-201. Click here to Download

14. Improving the Objectivity of Expert Economic Testimony in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Litigation. Journal of Legal Economics, 1999, 9(2):33-52. Click here to Download.

15. Total Offsets in Forensic Economics: Legal Requirements, Data Comparisons and Jury Comprehension. Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 1999, 9(2):9-24. Click here to Download. .

16. "Lost Earning Capacity" vs. "Expected Lost Earnings" in Wrongful Death Analysis. Published in The Earnings Analyst, 1999, 2:73-86. Click here to Download

17. "Economic Loss in the Case of a  Full-Time Mother and Homemaker: When  Lost Services are the Only Pecuniary Loss." Reading #3 published in Assessing Family Loss in Wrongful Death Litigation: The Special Roles of Lost Services and Personal Consumption, edited by Ireland and Depperschmidt, Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Tucson, AZ, 1999. Click here to download.

18. Recent Legal Decisions Regarding Hedonic Damages: An Update. Published in the Journal of Forensic Economics, 2000, 13(2):189-204. Click here to Download.

19. Should the Personal Consumption Deduction be Based on Family Income or the Decedent's Own Income. Published in The Earnings Analyst, 2000, 3:53-72. Click here to Download.

20. Structured Judgments and Periodic Payments in New York: A Unique and Complex System for Tort Awards (with Anthony R. Riccardi).  Journal of Legal Economics, 2000, 10(2):55-74. Click here to download

21. Comment: An Examination of Historical Net Discount Rates Relative to Medical Care Costs (with Penelope Caragonne and Keith Sofka). Published in the Journal of Legal Economics, 2000, 10(2):75-81. Click here to Download.

22. The Timing of Present Value of Damages: Implications of Footnote 22 in the Pfeifer Decision. Published in The Earnings Analyst, 2001, Vol. 4:87-94.  Click here to Download .

23. Categories of Time Use for Forensic Economics. Published in Journal of Forensic Economics, 2001, 14(1):23-34.
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24. Structured Judgements and Periodic Payments in Missouri: Uncertainty in the Meaning of Tort Reform. Published in the Journal of the Missouri Bar, Volume 57, No. 4, July-August 2001. Click here to download .

25. How Courts Assess Marital Contributions When Wrongful Death Occurs:  An Interface of Legal Issues and Family Theory in the Courtroom. Journal of Economics, 2001, 27(2):83-97.  Click here to download

26. A Daubert Hearing on the Admissibility of Hedonic Damage Testimony by an Economic Expert. Presented at the at the Southern Economics Association meetings on November 18, 2001. Click here to download. This is an overview paper for a book length CD-Rom project with this same name for Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co., published in December, 2001.

27. The Estate of a Minor Child in a Child Death Case (with John O. Ward). Journal of Legal Economics, Winter 2000-01, 10(3):23-35. Click here to download.

28. Comment: Confusion about "Inflation Risk" (with David C. Rose). Journal of Legal Economics, Winter 2000-01, 10(3):53-58.  Click here to download.

30. "Methods" and Milestones in Stan Smith's Career as an Hedonics Expert. 2001. Click here to download.

31. Stan V. Smith and Thomas R. Ireland: A Personal Forensic Economic Retrospective. 2001. Click here to download.

32. Hedonic Damages as Compensation: A Reply to Bruce. Journal of Forensic Economics, 2001, 14(3):271-272. Click here to download.

33. The Standard for Valuing Lost Household Services: Necessary Life Care Cost, Faux Replacement Cost, or Utility Lost? (with Anthony M. Riccardi). Published in The Earnings Analyst,2003, Vol.5:13-26. Click here to download.

34. A Primer on Annuity Contracts, Structured Settlements, and Periodic-Payment Judgements (with Anthony M. Riccardi). Presented at AAEFE Fall Meetings, October 3-4, 2003 and forthcoming in Journal of Legal Economics. Click here to download.

35.  Historical Net Discount Rates - An Update Through 2003. Published the Journal of Legal Economics, 2002, 12(2):47-57. Click here to download.

36. Household Services as Life Care (with Anthony H. Riccardi). Published in the Journal of Legal Economics. Click here to download.

37. The Role of a Forensic Economist in a Damage Assessment for Personal Injuries. Published in The Earnings Analyst,  2004, Vol. VI:15-45. Click here to download

38. FELA Damages Calculations: Issues Relating to Benefits, Payroll Taxes and Collateral Sources.  Published in The Earnings Analyst, 2005, Vol. VII:33-46. Click here to download.

39. What  a Forensic Economist Needs from a Life Care Planning Expert. Click here to download (with Stephanie Rizzardi Pearson). Published in the Journal of Life Care Planning, 3(3): 151-162, 2004. Click here to download.

40.  Valuing Advice, Counsel and Companionship Services within Families: A Reconsideration of Frank Tinari's "More Comprehensive Measure." Presented at  the Western Economics Association meetings in San Francisco on July 7, 2005. Click here to download

41. Forensic Economic Issues in the 2005 Missouri Tort Reform Bill 393 (with David Tucek). Presented at the Missouri Valley Economics Association Meetings in Kansas City on October 29, 2005. Click here to download.

42. Reply to: A Note on "Household Services: Toward a More Comprehensive Measurement." Draft date, 1/4/06. Click here to download.

43. Historical Net Discount Rates - An Update Through 2005. Published in The Earnings Analyst, 2006, Volume VIII. Click here to download.

44. Economic Damages Under House Bill 393 (with David Tucek). Published in the Journal of the Missouri Bar,  July-August 2006, 62(4):214-221.
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45. Valuing Advice,  Counsel and Companionship between Parents and Adult Children. Published in Volume IX of The Earnings Analyst. Click here to download

46. Hedonic Damages as Economic Junk Science -- Defending Against Claims to Measure Lost Pleasures of Life, Loss of  Society and Other Intangibles. Presented on March 14, 2007 at the Damages Seminar of the Defense Research Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Click here to download.

47. Battleground States for Hedonic Damages Testimony. Presented at the meetings of the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts on March 28, 2007. Click here to download

48. Kelly, O'Shea and Pfeifer: What Guidance Is Given for Discount Rates? The Earnings Analyst. 2007. Volume IX: 80-89. Click here to download.

49. The Concept of Reasonable Value in Recovery of Medical Expenses in Personal Injury Torts.  Journal of Legal Economics, 2008, 14(3):87-99. Click here to download

50. A Technical Note: A Pension Is a Pension Is a Pension (with Lane Hudgins), The Earnings Analyst. 2008. Volume X:128-133.  Click here to download.

51. Time Spent in Household Management: Evidence and Implications (with Anne Winkler as primary author). Presented at the Society of Labor Economics meetings in May 2007. Forthcoming in the Journal of Family and Economic Issues. Click here to download.

52. Hedonic Damages - One More Time: A Symposium (with Peter Marks). Journal of Forensic Economics. 2007. 20(2):103-112. Click here to download.

53. Pension Benefits as an Evidentiary Collateral Source (with Lane Hudgins). Journal of Legal Economics. 2008. 15(1):75-81. Click here to download.

54. Questions for Economists (with Stephanie  Rizzardi). Journal of Nurse Life Care Planning. 2008. 8(3):3-5. Click here to download.

55. Historical Net Discount Rates -- An Update through 2007. The Earnings Analyst, 2008. Vol. X:98-118. Click here to download.

56. Why the  Gamboa  Disability Work-Life Expectancy Tables Are Without Merit. Journal of Legal Economics, 2009, 15(2):105-110. Click here to  download.

57.  Legal Decisions Dealing with the Tax Consequences of Lump Sum Awards for Back and  Front Pay in Wrongful Termination Cases. Presented at the AAEFE Meetings, March 19, 2009. Click here to download.

58.  Markov Process Work-Life Expectancy Tables, the LPE method for Measuring Worklife Expectancy, and Why the Gamboa-Gibson Worklife Expectancy Tables Are without Merit, 2009, The  Rehabilitation Professional, 17(3):111-126. Click here to download.

60. Anthony Gamboa's Criticism of Thomas R. Ireland's Criticism of the Lack of Merit of Gamboa-Gibson Disability Worklife Expectancy Tables. 2009.  The Rehabilitation Professional, 17(4):195-200. Click here to download.

61. The Last of Hedonic Damages: Nevada, New Mexico and Running a Bluff, 2009, Journal of Legal Economics, 16(1):91-110.  Click here to download.

62.  Why Markov Process Worklife Expectancy Tables Are Usually Superior to the LPE Method. Journal of Legal Economics, 2010, 16(1):95-110.
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63.  Historical Net Discount Rates - An Update Through 2009 (with David Tucek). 2010. Journal of Legal Economics, 17(1):87-100. Click here to download.

64.  Total Offsets paper (#6 above) through 2009. Published in Determining Economic Damages: 2010 by Gerald Martin, James Publishing Company.  Click here to download.

65. Tax Consequences of a Lump Sum Award in Wrongful Termination Cases. 2010. Journal of Legal Economics, 17(1):51-74. Click here to download.

66. Different Methods Used to Derive Hedonic Damages in Litigation, 2010, Forensic Rehabilitation & Economics, 3(2):67-78. Click here to download.

67. Historical Net Discount Rate Research 1998-2010.  2011. Journal of Legal Economics, 17(2):99-112. Click here to download.

68. Valuation of Advice and Counsel in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation. 2011. Journal of Legal Economics, 17(2):59-85. Click here to download.

69. Uses of the American Time Use Survey to Measure Household Services: What Works and What Does Not Work. 2011. Journal of Legal Economics, 18(1):61-78. Click here to download. This paper was reprinted in The Rehabilitation Professional, 2011, 19(3):111-118.

70. Historical Net Discount Rates - An Update Through 2010 (with David Tucek). 2011. Journal of Legal Economics, 18(1):109-122. Click here to download.

71. Green v. Bittner and Progeny: Projecting Dollar Values for Advice, Counsel and Companionship in New Jersey, Forensic Rehabilitation and Economics, 2011, 4(2):99-106.
Click here to download.

72. Personal Consumption and Single Persons: A Comment. 2012. Journal of Forensic Economics, 23(1):33-39. Click here to download.

73. Possible Damage Elements in Wrongful Termination Litigation: Back Pay, Front Pay, and Loss of Earning Capacity. 2012. Journal of Legal Economics, 18(2):93-105.
Click here to download.

74. Trends in Legal Decisions Involving Hedonic Damages from 2000 to 2012. 2012. Journal of Legal Economics, 19(1):61-88. Click here to download.

75. Personal Consumption and Single Persons: A Reply to Kurt Krueger, Journal of Forensic Economics. 2013. 24(1):101-104. Click here to download.

76. Determining an Earnings Base for a Projection of Past and Future Lost Earning Capacity. 2013. Journal of Legal Economics, 19(2):47-63. Click here to download

77. Millo v. Delius and Losses that Are "Not Otherwise Compensable." 2014. Journal of Legal Economics, 20(1-2):49-60.  Click here to download.

78. Handout for AICPA Presentation on "Earnings Basis, Earning Capacity, and Worklife Expectancy" on November 9, 2014.  Click here to download.

79. Impact of Disability on Household Services: A Comment. 2015. The Rehabilitation Professional, 23(1):7-8. Click here to download.

80. A New Class of Hybrid-Tort Actions Based on Recent FELA Decisions? 2015.  Journal of Legal Economics, 21(1):67-84.  Click here to download.

81. Damage Standards for Wrongful Death/Survival Actions: Loss to Survivors, Loss to the Estate Loss of Accumulations to an Estate, and Investment Accumulations.  Journal of Legal Economics, 2016, 22(2):5-23. Click here to download. 

82. Determining the Value of Past Lost Insurance. 2016. Journal of Legal Economics 23(1):71-86. Click here to download.

83. Who Pays for What Parts of Expert Depositions in Federal Courts?  Decisions of Judges in the Northern Circuit of Illinois (with Kristine S. Slocum), The Rehabilitation Professional, 2018, 26(3): 139-152. Click here to download.

84. The Case for Sole Dependency, The Forecast, Spring 2019, 33(2): page 7. Click here to download.

85. Huncovsky v. The Gates Rubber Company: A 1990 Case That Still Has Currency in 2019, Journal of Legal Economics, 2019, 25(1-2):113-122. Click here to download.

86. Memoranda and E-mails referenced in Huncovsky v. The Gates Rubber Company. Click here to download.

87. Stan V. Smith and Thomas R. Ireland: A Personal Forensic Economic Retrospective from March 2003 to May 2020, The Rebilitation Professional, 2020, 28(2):63-76.  Click here to download.

88, Understanding a Vocational Economics, Inc., Calculation of Lost Earning Capacity in a Personal Injury Case with Residual Earning Capacity,” with Frank Slesnick, The Rehabilitation Professional, 2020, 28(3):141-150. Click here to download.

89. “The P Problem, Work-life Expectancy and the LPE System: An Exchange between Users of LPE,” with Frank Slesnick,  Journal of Legal Economics, 2020, 26(1-2):137-150.

90. "Hedonic Damages Decisions Involving Stan Smith from 1985 to August 2022." Click here to download.

91. “Economic Damages in the Death of a Minor Child in Missouri:  The Debate over the 2006 Revision of §537.090.” Click here to download.

92. “Gamboa-Gibson Worklife Expectancy Methods and Tables: A Summary of Criticisms Since 2009,” with Frank Slesnick, published in Journal of Legal Economics, 2021, 27(2):43-60. Click here to download

93.  "Trends in Legal Decisions Involving Hedonic Damages from March 1, 2018 to July 1, 2022,” forthcoming Journal of Legal Economics. Click here to download

94. Descriptions of Legal Decisions Regarding Treatment of Payroll Taxes after the 2019 U.S. Supreme Court in BNSF v. Loos. Click here to download.

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