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To make your request, either fill out an online form below or print a PDF and return it to our office.


Authorization for a reduced course load (underenrollment) (pdf 150KB)
You cannot drop any classes until you have received written approval from our office. You must wait until you receive an approval letter. If you have any questions, stop by the office to talk with someone.

Change academic level and/or begin a new degree program (pdf 240KB)
This form is for students who complete one program at UMSL and wish to start another program here. This form is not needed for changes of major; these are processed automatically.

Extension of Stay (ppdfdf 220KB)

Invitation Letter (doc 25KB)
This is a sample letter that can be used when relatives wish to obtain a tourist visa to visit you in the U.S.

Letter of status (for a Missouri driver's license or a state ID) (pdf 62KB) Request online!
Detailed instructions about applying for a driver's license (pdf)

Replace a lost/stolen immigration document (pdf 26KB)

Social Security letter (pdf 130KB)

Sponsored Student Letter Request Form (Request online!)
International sponsored students receive educational funding through a third-party source such as their government (SACM, Embassy of Kuwait, Royal Thai Embassy, etc.) or an organization like Fulbright or Laspau. Sponsored Students can request letters for their funding agency using this form.

Take courses at another school (pdf 86KB)

Transfer to another school (pdf 129KB)

Travel signature (pdf 80KB)

*United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) forms