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The Term Andragogy was first coined and published in 1833 by Alexander Kapp from Germany.  It has been understood by some as the art and science of helping adults learn and study of the theory, processes, and technology of adult education.   
John A. Henschke has been pursuing research for more than a dozen years regarding the foundation of andragogy around the world, especially through materials in the English Language.  The documents on this Website present much of his research and publication in this area, in addition to work he has conducted in various places based on andragogy.  Dr. Henschke also includes the expanded works of others he has referenced in his research and publication on andragogy.
Andragogy is part of the field of adult education, human resource development, and lifelong learning.  These materials regarding andragogy are made available to those desiring to pursue additional study in it.  

Andragogy materials also available on John Henschke's Lindenwood University web site

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