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Dr. T. J. Guess

          I'm a St. Louis native.  I received  both my B.A. and M.A. at UM-St. Louis.  I received my PhD from UM-Columbia, and I'm addicted to Sociology.  WARNING:   STUDY IN SOCIOLOGY MAY RESULT IN AN ELEVATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.   Sociology allows one to see the "unseen" patterning of what we refer to as "social reality."  Sociological thinking represents the practice of "uncommon sense."  As Peter Berger (1963) noted about society, "It can be said that the first wisdom of sociology is this---things are not what they seem."  


June, 2002. America Without the Death Penalty:  States Leading the Way.  Galliher, John F., Koch, L. W., Keys, D.P. and Guess, T.J., Northeastern University Press

 "The Social Construction of Whiteness: Racism by Intent, Racism by Consequence,"  Critical Sociology, Vol.32:4, 2006,  pp.649-673

"The Prevailing Injustices in the Application of the Missouri Death Penalty (1978-1996), Social Justice, Vol. 32,  2005, pp. 151-166.

    Courses I Teach
    Soc3210 - Sociological Theory Soc3202 - Urban Sociology Soc4312 - Sociology of Poverty and Wealth Soc4360 - Sociology of Minority Groups
    An exploration into the development of sociological explanations concerning the nature of  Society?"
    Is society real, can you 'see' it?  How can it be if we can't see it?
    A sociological investigation into the social organization of settlement space, including your own neighborhood, or, one person's city is another person's metropolis. An investigation of inequality, social stratification and the distribution of wealth and poverty, to see how the rich get richer & the poor get prison. An exploration of dominant-subordinate group relations by examining role  religion, gender, ethnicity, & race  play in distribution of wealth & power.

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      Social Change Data

    Wealth & Poverty

     Race & Whiteness
      Just What IS Race, anyway? 

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