The sunflower’s silent sway, its green and golden dance, drowned out the wind and rush of the sea. (Kim)


If the damn tow-truck had just taken a few more minutes, I could have met Barack Obama! (Kim)


While exiting a cell phone store, Mitch Lansing was hit by a man riding a bicycle at a high speed.  (Carri)


The final version mentions his insane mother’s holiness, followed directly by the holiness of the cocks of the grandfathers of Kansas. (Carri)


A human heart can't beat for as long as the love that it gives away can last. (Jami)


It's in the back of my closet, and it has been for seventeen years. (Jami)


There is no exit in sight. (Nicole)


Witchcraft and the supernatural are used in Shakespeare’s Richard III as vital elements of the play, either working in harmony or contradicting characters while also causing the audience and readers alike to experience illusions vital for establishing Richard as a consummately evil character. (Nicole)


She was counting her winnings before the last number was even called.   (Erica)


I could feel the eyes of the onlookers staring us down as our boat bobbed happily along. (Erica)


The soul cannot exist without an outside force challenging its existence.  (Blake)


When I look into Logan’s face, I see all of the unconditional love you give him every day. (Blake)


He walked out into the fat center aisle feeling giddy, like his blood was carbonated, like he'd stolen something. (Kate)


She gets aggressive when she cooks, even if it's just eggs; she probably pretends she's scrambling the brains of her enemies, if she has any. (Kate)​

Once a man approached me at a bar, and asked me if I was his brother who'd left home ten years earlier to undergo a sex change.   I wasn't, but, that's me in a nutshell. (Jessica)

I am always flabbergasted by the amount of privileged people who have no sense of our alternate reality and the amount of minorities too justified in their fears to even try. (Jessica)

Through mutual respect we can all learn from and grow with one another. (Tony)


Instead of fighting all of the hectic-ness and anxiety of the day-to-day, I now find myself just going with the flow, immersing myself in the craziness, appreciating my life for the beautiful thing it is; for now I realize that there is a give and take, an ebb and a flow to it all.  (Tony)


I’ve been told that my laugh sounds a lot like Dennis Miller’s, which I suppose is an ok association; it’s less disturbing than admitting how much it sounds like Vincent Price’s or Charlie Manson’s. (JR)


Shakespeare had a tremendous influence on Hugo and, in turn, on the French romanticism; the nature of that influence is not one of stylistic imitation, however:  Shakespeare is, for Hugo and the Romantics, an inimitable master who symbolizes social progress and intellectual freedom, the embodiment of the idealized “romantic genius” whose fervor and God-given talent trump any concern for adherence to classical tastes or poetic forms.” (JR)             


I just remember the blatant, screaming normalcy of it all, like nothing was going to change—fate was laughing at us every time we looked away.



Perhaps Eve was not deceived by the serpent—maybe she knew exactly what she was doing and made the choice of her own God-given free will; maybe she knowingly unleashed the contrast of evil into a wholly good world, just so we would (as Mr. Johnson points out) know how lucky we really are.



One is the plan of the tale, which is to distract jealous old John the Carpenter so that his coltish young wife, Alison, and their amorous boarder, Nicholas, can spend the night together "In bisiness of mirth and in solas," and the other is the plan of the Tales, according to which the love triangle of the Miller's Tale and the several comeuppances that make up its magnificently disastrous conclusion specifically recall the story that precedes it, the elevated and courtly Knight's Tale, in a way that retrospectively renders that tale's commanding Duke Theseus either faintly ridiculous, or faintly menacing, in his fussy efforts to co-opt that tale's every event to the service of his own reputation for aristocratic magnanimity, "as he were a god in trone." (FG)


I've seen Firestorm, and I've seen Hard Rain. I've seen action films that I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times, when I could not find a friend to go with me. But I always thought that I'd see Chow again.    

Chow Yun-Fat, that is. (FG)