Small World   List of characters



Persse McGarrigle--lecturer at University College, Limerick


Angelica Pabst--the bel inconnu, love of Persse's life (he thinks)

Lily Pabst--Angelica's twin sister


Morris Zapp--Professor, Euphoria State University

Philip Swallow--Professor, Rummidge University

Fulvia Morgana--Professor, University of Padua

Michel Tardieu--Professor, Sorbonne, Paris

Siegfried von Turpitz--Professor, Baden-Baden University

Rudyard Parkinson--Professor, All Saints' College, Oxford


Robin Dempsey--Professor, University of Darlington

Sybil Maiden--Retired Fellow of Girton College, Cambridge

Rodney Wainwright--Professor, University of North Queensland

Arthur Kingfisher--Professor Emeritus, Columbia and Zurich



Ronald Frobisher--English novelist

Felix Skinner-- Philip Swallow's publisher

Hilary Swallow--Philip Swallow's wife

Desiree Zapp (nee Byrd)--novelist; Morris Zapp's ex-wife

Joy Simpson--Philip Swallow's once and present lover

Song-Mi Lee--Arthur Kingfisher's companion

Jacques Textel--Assistant Director General, UNESCO

Akira Sakazaki--Ronald Frobisher's Japanese translator

Cheryl Summerbee--British Airways check-in clerk


Howard Ringbaum--former colleague of Zapp; now in Illinois

Thelma Ringbaum--Howard's wife

Akbil Borak--Professor in Ankara; Swallow's host

Oya Borak--Akbil's wife

Bernadette McGarrigle--Persse's disgraced cousin

Milo O'Shea--Persse's uncle; Zapp's former landlord

Rupert Sutcliffe--colleague of Swallow's at Rummidge

Bob Busby--colleague of Swallow's at Rummidge

Sy Gootblatt--former colleague of Zapp's at Euphoria; now at Penn

Carlo--Italian revolutionary; one of Morris Zapp's kidnappers

Motokazu Umeda-- Professor and colleague of Sakazaki

Sam Singerman--Israeli professor; host of Jerusalem conference



Liam McCreedy--Persse's boss in Limerick

Peter McGarrigle--Angelica's fiance

Alice Kaufman--Desiree's literary agent

Hermann Pabst--KLM executive; adopted father of the twins

Sidney Maxwell-- American professor; Bernadette's lover

Sandra Dix--seductive student of Swallow, Wainwright

Josh Collins--colleague of Dempsey's at Darlington; computer expert

ELIZA--talking computer program at Darlington

Gloria--Felix Skinner's secretary

Albert—Michel Tardieu’s lover


Matthew Swallow--Philip's son

Gerard Simpson--Joy Simpson's son

Miranda Simpson--Joy Simpson's daughter by Philip Swallow

Beverly Wainwright--Rodney Wainwright's wife

Irma Frobisher--Ronald Frobisher's wife

Ernesto Morgana--Fulvia Morgana's husband

Janet Dempsey--Robin Dempsey's estranged wife

John K. Simpson--Joy Simpson's late husband


Text Box: The Conferences:

*Rummidge (University Teachers of English Language and Literature)
Chicago ("The Crisis of the Sign") [Kinrgfisher/Morgana]
Heidelberg (Rezeptionsästhetik) [VonTurpitz/D.Zapp/Frobisher]
*Amsterdam (VIIth International Conference of Literary Semioticians)
	[Persse/Zapp/Tardieu/Von Turpitz/Maiden]
Zürich (International James Joyce Symposium) [Zapp/Gootblatt]
Vienna (Narrative) [Morgana/Gootblatt]
*Lausanne (T.S. Eliot) [Persse/Tardieu/Morgana/Angelica]
*Honolulu (Genre) [Angelica/Ernesto/Persse/Maiden/Umeda]
*Seoul (Critical Theory and Comparative Literature) 
*Jerusalem ("Pricewize International Symposium on The Future of 
	Criticism") [Zapp/Swallow/Wainwright/Ringbuam/Joy/Persse]
*New York (Modern Language Association) [pretty much everyone]