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UMSL Faculty list, circa 1999

MLA Statistics, 2003;

MLA Statistics, 2008;

MLA Statistics, Historical

Menand on Eliot’s role in “professionalizing” literary study


UMSL English BA Requirements, 2008


Menand on Disciplines


UMSL English BA Requirements, 2018


MLA Statistics, comparative


Patterson on Literary History



MLA Forums (formerly Divisions and Discussion Groups

Culler on Literature


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The MLA Convention in the NYTimes, 2004


Eagleton on Literature


The New Chaucer Society

2014 Congress Program


My Theoretical 2012 MLA Schedule


Baldick on the 1921 Newboldt Report


Intenational Congress on Medieval Studies program, 2017

My 2005 MLA Paper, “Comstock’s Chaucer”


Play up! Play up!”


CFP website, UPenn





“Humanities Indicators” homepage



Donoghue on academia vs. business, c. 1910


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Gerald Graff on why we have Cliffs Notes


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The Economic Case for Saving the Humanities