Is androgyny in an artist, or in the artistic mind, a desirable thing, as Virginia Woolf suggests (901-4)? Is it possible?


Is American Literature male, as Judith Fetterley asserts (564)?  Is the canon “androcentric” (Schweickart 40-41)?


What is "immasculation" (Fetterly 569-70; Schweickart 41-42)? Do you think it really happens?


Are you now, or have you ever been, a feminist? Why or why not?


Are all texts written by women feminist texts?


Is “the deathly witch…the other face of the nurturant Em” in The Wizard of Oz, as Friedman claims (25)?



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Do women constitute an “essential class” of readers that any responsible reader-response criticism needs to take into account (Schweickart, 38)?


Why might a female and feminist  reader like Schweickart be drawn to a plainly sexist D.H. Lawrence novel (42-3)?


Is Catherine Belsey’s account of Sherlock Holmes stories (668-73) an example of feminist criticism?


Is it just a coincidence that at about the same time feminist critics were rediscovering and promoting women authors, their male counterparts were discovering "the death of the author?"


Is patriarchy "a monolithic unified totality that knows no contradictions," an "all pervasive ideological" structure?