English 4270

Summer 2018

ID Quiz # 2 Outline


Below you will find the fifteen ID terms I’ve settled on, drawn from your lists and mine.  Twelve of the terms will appear on the quiz, and you will be asked to identify eight of them, providing both a brief definition and account of their relevance to the study of medieval literature—no more than three or four sentences.


I’ll set aside about 25 minutes of class time for the quiz; remember that it accounts for (only) 12 ˝ % of your final grade.  On Tuesday of next week we can spend a few minutes clearing up any remaining mysteries about the terms


“Competitive assertiveness”

A-, B-, C-Versions

Boethian dialogue

Estates satire

Fair unknown

Geoffrey of Monmouth

John Ball

Lectio dificilior

Proof of knighthood pattern


Statute of Laborers


Vulgate cycle

William Caxton

Winchester MS