1413    Death of Henry IV; Henry V accedes to the throne


1415    Battle of Agincourt


1420    Treaty of Troyes makes Henry V heir to French throne


1422    Death of Henry V; accession of Henry VI at 9 mos.  Minority begins.


1431    Joan of Arc executed


1435    Death of Duke of Bedford (uncle of king)


1437    End of Henry’s minority


1445    Henry marries Margaret of Anjou


1447    Death of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (uncle of king) and his antagonist Cardinal Beaufort (great-uncle of king)


1453-54  Henry VI mad; Richard Duke of York Protector (and leader of opposition)


1455    York dismissed; Battle of St. Albans opens civil war (Wars of the Roses)


1460    Battle of Northampton: Henry VI captured

            Battle of Wakefield: Duke of York killed by forces of Margaret of Anjou


1461    Battle of Towton: Henry VI deposed; Edward, Duke of York, reigns as Edward IV


1465    Battle of Hexham: Henry VI captured by Earl of Warwick’s forces and imprisoned in Tower


1469-70  Warwick’s rebellion--allied with Margaret of Anjou, Warwick invades from France

                           Edward flees to Flanders and Henry is restored to the throne


1471    Edward returns: Warwick killed at Battle of Barnet; Margaret defeated (and her son killed) at Battle of Tewksbury.

  Henry murdered in the Tower.  Death of  Thomas Malory.


1476    William Caxton sets up a printing press in Westminster


1478    George, Duke of Clarence--brother of king--attainted and murdered


1483    Death of Edward IV; his son Edward V succeeds him, but through the machinations of Richard, duke of Gloucester,

he is declared illegitimate and Richard takes the throne as Richard III.  Edward and his younger brother vanish.


1485    Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond, lands in Wales; defeats Richard at Bosworth Field, where Richard is killed. 

Henry accedes as Henry VII. Caxton prints Malory’s Morte D’Arthur.