2310 Copia exercise

Original sentence: I am very worried about the essay due this week.


I’m frightened that the paper due this week will be received poorly.

I fear I would rather die than produce this essay for a grade.

Tired I am, for the stress from writing this paper by its due date is bothering me.

I am paralyzed with fear over the writing I must give to my professor one day hence.

I cannot take my mind off the troubling thoughts I have regarding my essay due this week.

I am both scared and anxiety-ridden over the assignment I must deliver to my professor soon.

I am worried to the bone about the essay.

Due to the essay this week, I slump with despair.

Thoughts of turmoil arise as I prepare my essay for tomorrow’s deadline.

I am struck with worry as this essay approaches.

All week this essay has been my biggest worry.

The essay sends a jolt of worry through me with every thought.

How will I ever finish this essay when all I can do is worry about its due date?

I grow weary of the looming task I must finish by the week’s end.

The stress overwhelms me while I ponder topics for my project before I must turn it in in a few days.

There is much ado about something, and that something is the essay dead-lined for this week.

Good God, our paper is due this week, and it has me so worried I could spit.



Due at the end of this week is a paper that has me very worried.

I wouldn’t be so worried if there were not an essay due this week.

I am freaking out about the blob of text I have to churn out this week.

I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking of the essay that is due this week.

My worry about the essay due this week could crush Atlas.

I don’t want to write this paper.

I tremble at the thought of the essay due this week.

I would feel more comfortable about turning in the essay this week if I knew where to begin.

I hope this week comes slow because this essay due has my stomach in a knot.

The essay due this week is driving me insane with worry.

There is an essay due this week, and the thought of completing such an arduous task has me feeling quite worried.

Damn this essay! It’s all I can think about.  Thank God after this week I’ll be done with it.

On this seven-day cycle I find myself flustered over the thought of the paper I have need to deliver now.

The essay due tomorrow is a black cloud over my head.

The worry that has fallen on me is due to an essay that has to be finished this week.

My blood pressure has increased due to an essay due this week.

To a great extent is the essay due this week worrying me.

O essay, you are the source of my worries.