Diffraction, in Action

What you see in the transmission electron microscope (image left, diffraction pattern right),
as a 118 atom single-walled carbon pentacone is rotated about its symmetry axis...

What goes on in reciprocal space during specimen rotation,
as the reciprocal lattice (the shadow) intersects the Ewald sphere and lights up (red)...

Remarkably, this shadowy predictor of scattering angles is
the 3D Fourier transform power spectrum of the target's scattering potential,
participating in a kind of mathematical position-momentum dance of complementarity
that might be called the r2loop. More detail on molecule reciprocal lattices
may be found in our page on molecule spatial harmonics.
A more heiroglyphic reciprocal lattice may be found rotating here.
A full-blown nanocrystal weblab is under construction here.

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