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Testimonials: Hear From Our Students!

Terran Hill (BS 2020)

In his first semester at UMSL, Hill took Principles of Microeconomics with Professor David Rose and immediately liked the subject matter.

“It combined literally everything I like into one major,” Hill said. “You get some math, a little bit of philosophy, a bit of history, a little bit of everything.”

Hill found a camaraderie among economics students, who often hung out and worked through problems together in the Sharon G. Levin Economics Resource Center on the fourth floor of the Social Sciences and Business Building.

“One of the things they emphasize is collaborative learning, learning with your peers,” Hill said. “They always write on the board that it is not a quiet lab, so people coming in won’t get upset because you come into a computer lab and there’s people talking. They host events there. They host speakers. I met a lot of people there.”

Hill was just as grateful for the faculty members he learned from and got to know over the past two years, from Rose and Professor and Chair Anne Winkler to Professor Lea-Rachel Kosnik and Assistant Teaching Professor Brian Speicher. Hill currently is weighing acceptances to law schools. (UMSL Daily)

Q Jadali (Current BS Student)

"Without the Economics Resource Center, I wouldn't be an economics major. It is a tightly knit community of students who strive for excellence and help you succeed no matter where you are in your academic journey. Every single day I see my professors whether I have a class with them that day or not, and I have the opportunity to ask any questions I have, and they are always happy to stay and help because they truly care about my success. I have never seen such dedication towards student success before in my life, and I am so proud to be part of UMSL Economics."


Ted Ryan (BS 2019)

"I think every econ professor should make their students aware of the econ lab from day 1, and many days after. It was an invaluable resource for learning difficult material, making friends and generally keeping each other sane. I think anyone who doesn't use it regularly is putting themselves at a huge disadvantage, and missing out on a lot of fun. Can't recommend it highly enough. Will always remember staying long after close to study for finals and wrap up papers with some great people I wouldn't have gotten any real chance to show otherwise."


Matt Segrist (BS/MA 2017), Enterprise Intelligence Insight Analyst, Post Holdings, Inc.

Adam Richardson (BS/MA 2011), Manager of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Centene Corporation

Andrea Ellis (BS 2015; currently attending St. Louis University School of Law)

Majana Reis (BS/MA 2005), Senior Manager, International Tax Services, Ernst & Young

Derek Steiner (BS/MA 2016), Associate Business Manager, AT&T

Craig Young (BS 2013), Associate Consultant - Information Management, Daugherty Business Solutions, St. Louis

Elise Barry (BS 2012), Project Analyst, CrowdSource

Guarav Tiwari (MA 2006), State Street Bank, Boston

David Bryan (MA 2010), Model Validation Analyst, US Bank


Michael D. Thomas (MA 2005), (PhD 2009 George Mason University)

Jennifer Lewis (BA 2008/MA 2011), Economist in the Office of Administration - Budget and Planning Division, State of Missouri