Elizabeth Clayton

Elizabeth M. Clayton joined the Department of Economics in 1968 after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of Washington (Seattle). She was professor of economics from 1968 until she retired in 1992.  She also served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at UMSL. 

Elizabeth Clayton won the "triple crown" in economics as the first female professor hired, first female promoted and granted tenure, and first female to serve as department chair.  She inspired many students and was a valued colleague in the department.   In 1997, she received the University's Women Trailblazers Award.  She was a specialist in Soviet economics, especially of the agricultural sector. During her career, she was a fellow at Harvard University Law School, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and Moscow State University.  She passed away in June 1999 after a battle with cancer. 

Each semester or year the department awards a scholarship to the student who demonstrates academic excellence. This scholarship is named in memory of Elizabeth M. Clayton.

Academic Year Graduate Undergraduate
2020/2021 Nik Culp & Bryan Pierce (Fall Only)
2019/2020 Alyssa Leibold Sarah Krueger
2017/2018 Rachel Harrington Jamie Vergano
2016/2017 Abigail Wood / Ken Bao
2015/2016 Brandon Giesegh / Abigail Wood
2014/2015 Melissa Maxwell
2013/2014  Margaret Evans / Marisa Klein Aaron Lombard
2012/2013 Trung Ly Gregory Nelson
2011/2012 Sarah Calhoun / Laura Darby Gregory Nelson / Jack Miller
2010/2011 Melissa Deustch / Laura Darby My Nguyen / Margaret Evans
2009/2010 George Feller / Matthew Porter Julia Kreis / Trung Ly
2008/2009 Joshua Leesmann / Alla Koyen Laura Darby / Adam Richardson
2007/2008  Benjamin Mason / Vikram Kumar Kenneth Schmied / Mitch Downey
2006/2007 Juan Fung / Robert Schupp Joshua Leesmann / Aleksey Kazakevich
2005/2006 Shannon Wobbe  / Li Li Jeptha Bergerac / Brain Dick
2004/2005 Kathleen Early /Daniel Ribaudo Yvette Travnickova / Christin Cooper
2003/2004 Brian Buckles
2002/2003 Ian Schmutte Joshua Ulrich