Students - Learn how to schedule an exam with ProctorU. 
Faculty - Learn how to use ProctorU.

If you are taking a course that offers a ProctorU option, this will be announced in your course syllabus. ProctorU is a virtual proctoring service that allows students to take exams online while ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution. This service uses real proctors who monitor examinees in three ways:

  • Authenticating the examinee's identity
  • Observing the examinee via a webcam
  • Watching examinee's screen in real time

 What you need to know:

  • You can take your exam at a specified date and time at your convenience. A 72-hour minimum notice is required to schedule an exam with ProctorU!

  • You may take the exam from the comfort of your home (not in a public location), however, no one will be allowed in the room with you while the exam is in progress. Be sure to have someone on hand to take care of your little ones and select a location in your home that won't have teens coming through, spouses interrupting, etc. 

  • Two forms of photo identification, along with a webcam, microphone, and computer with reliable Internet connection are required. We recommend wired connections if possible.

  • Please plan on a minimum of 20 additional minutes beyond the exam-taking time for interfacing with ProctorU.

  • Make sure to leave all electronic devices, books, notes, etc. far from the desk where you will take the exam. The proctor will ask you to scan the room, desk and floor to ensure that all unapproved materials are out of sight.

  • Be sure to be ready for the exam (bathroom break, drink some water, etc.) before you log in to take the exam. Once the exam begins, you will not be permitted to leave your seat until you submit the exam for grading.

  • ProctorU exam fees are paid on your behalf by the Office of Online Administration. However, you will be responsible for paying fees associated with missed exams or late exam scheduling. These can be quite expensive so we recommend scheduling exams in advance and logging into ProctorU when you've scheduled your exams.

Online students residing at a distance from the UMSL campus may take exams through ProctorU (if available), or by arranging an appointment with an approved proctor.

If you elect to take proctored exams at an alternate physical testing center, review your syllabus at the beginning of the semester and then submit an electronic Off-Site Testing Request Form. You must submit one form per class. 

If your course is 100% online, you have the option of taking your exams at a local community college testing center with no additional sitting fees.  If you need to test at a different location, you must provide proctor contact information on your Offsite Testing Request Form. Students are responsible for additional fees and for arranging appointments with their proctor.

Please allow one week (7 full business days, not including weekends) for your request to be processed We generally have a one-week turnaround from the time you submit your form to the time your proctor will receive your testing materials. We are unable to process offsite testing requests submitted during Finals Week

Proctor approval is dependent on your proctor submitting an additional form that we send them.  Let them know to check their email for it.  Any student found falsifying information in the request form or found using someone outside of Testing Center policy will be reassigned a proctor at our discretion.

Local Pre-Approved Community College Testing Centers:


Outside of St. Louis?  Search the Consortium of College Testing Centers for an approved testing center near you.