Testing Center sitting fees are due at the time of appointment.  Payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable.  Acceptable forms of payment are cash (exact change only), check, or online payment through TouchNet. 

Sitting fee: $75

Residual ACT is an on-campus testing program available to students who were unable to test on a National ACT date.  Residual scores are non-transferrable and testing cannot be repeated within 60 days. 

More information:
UMSL Admissions Requirements
ACT Test Prep
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Sitting fee: $25

Students enrolled in online/distance education programs at other colleges, universities, and organizations are welcome to take proctored exams in the UMSL Testing Center. 

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Sitting fee: Administered free of charge in November (fall graduation), April (spring graduation), and July (summer graduation); otherwise the MFT is $25.

Students graduating with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science, and Physics are required to take the subject Major Field Test in the Testing Center. 

Sitting fee: $75

Please visit Pearson's MAT webpage to view preparation materials and other information. 

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Note: As of July 1, 2019, there are no additional sitting fees charged for MoGEA and Paraprofessional tests. 

More information:

Sitting fee: N/A: all fees paid to Prov, Inc. 

Please visit Prov's website for information and to schedule an exam.

Sitting fee: N/A; all fees paid to Scantron. 

Please visit Scantron's website for more information and to schedule an exam.