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Meghann Humphries

Assistant Teaching Professor
Office: Stadler 204B
Phone: 314-516-6206


Ph.D. University of Missouri - St. Louis
M.S. Southeast Missouri State University
B.S. Southeast Missouri State University

Research Interests

Research Interests: Host-parasite coevolution, population genetics, historical biogeography, avian malaria

Selected Publications

Humphries, Meghann B., Matthew T. Stacy, and Robert E. Ricklefs. "Population structure of avian malaria parasites." Ecology and evolution 9.13 (2019): 7741-7751.

Humphries, Meghann B., et al. "Historical demography of Coereba flaveola on Puerto Rico." The Auk: Ornithological Advances 136.2 (2019): uky017.

Humphries, Meghann B., Maribel A. Gonzalez, and Robert E. Ricklefs. "Phylogeography and historical demography of Carib Grackle (Quiscalus lugubris)." Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 32 (2019): 11-16.


BIOL 1821 Introductory Biology: Organisms and the Environment
BIOL 2402 Vertebrate Anatomy
BIOL 2403 Vertebrate Anatomy Lab
BIOL 4402 Ornithology
BIOL 4403 Ornithology Lab
BIOL 3202 Conservation Biology
BIOL 3203 Conservation Biology Laboratory