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Charles R. Granger

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Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor
Ph.D., University of Iowa

Phone: (314) 516-6220
Fax: (314) 516-6233
E-mail: granger@umsl.edu
Science Education Programs at UMSL

Research Interests

A naturalistic based learning theory has been proposed and assessment of postulates is in progress. Attempts are being made to identify affective domain as well as cognitive factors related to academic success in non-major introductory science courses. Observations have been made on such factors as social background, academic ability, academic preference, importance judgement, understanding of science, dogmatism, science experience, and temperament. Attitudinal factors distinguishing science majors from non-majors are being studied. Sex-associated differences affecting the attraction of women to science oriented careers, research performance, and the influence of teacher-models on the success of students in creative endeavors are being investigated.

Special Programs

In addition to directing a variety of science education programs he is faculty coordinator for the Center for Inquiry in Science Teaching and Learning (CISTL) and the Science Education Doctoral Studies C.A.D.R.E. (Cooperative Approach to Doctoral Research in Education) Model, an N.S.F.-funded partnership with Washington University to enhance science literacy and expertise through graduate studies, research and exemplary practice.

Selected Publications

Granger, C.R. 2000. Knowledge-Substrate for Sustainability, Monsanto Foundation, 33 pages. (Editor and author, a series of investigative activities in a spiral curriculum format K-12).

Granger, C.R. 1999. "Sustainability - Seeds for Thought, Monsanto Foundation, 48 pages. (Editor and author, a series of investigative activities in a spiral curriculum format K-12).

Granger, C.R. 1998. "Defining and Assessing Scientific Literacy for the 21st Century, Academy of Science of St. Louis, 43 pages. (A Summary Report on the Strategic Planning Symposium for the Advancement of Science Education, editor and lead author).

Granger, C.R. 1998. "What I Did During My Summer Almost Vacation...," Missouri Science News, Vol. 38, no. 7, pp. 8-9. (A satirical commentary on performance and knowledge standards and the Missouri Assessment Program.)

Granger, C.R. 1998. "Reform in Science Education - Implications of the Naturalistic Education Theory." Missouri Science News, vol. 38(6), February, p. 5-7.

Granger, C.R. 1996. "The Naturalistic Education Theory - In Search of a Unified Learning Theory for Instructional Methodology and Tactical Education." Journal of Thought, vol. 31 (2) Summer.

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