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Aimee Dunlap

Associate Professor
Office: S204 Stadler Hall
Phone: 314-516-6578
Email:  aimee.dunlap@umsl.edu


University of Minnesota, Ph.D.
Northern Arizona University, M.S.
University of Memphis, B.S., B.A.

Research Interests

Evolution of cognition, behavioral ecology, experimental evolution, mechanisms of decision making, and foraging in bumblebees

Please see my website.

Selected Publications

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BIOL 3102 Animal Behavior
BIOL 3103 Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL 4102/6102 Behavioral Ecology
BIOL 4502/6502 Evolution of Cognition
BIOL 4889 Senior Seminar (Biology of Dogs (and Cats))
BIOL 6889 Graduate Seminar (Sensory Ecology)