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Dan Younger

dDan Younger is a Professor of Art and former chair of the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

His photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in numerous public collections including Museum de Stadt, in Gladbeck Germany, The Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago),  the Harry Ransom Center at UT- Austin, The Saint Louis Art Museum, and the Smithsonian Institute.

His current collection of photographs is called "Travel Places". In 2007, the Saint Louis Contemporary Art Museum's publication Arts Desire, said of Travel Places, "His photographs often reflect the different areas that Younger has traveled to, but they are anything but simple vacation snapshots. The photographs illustrate both his technical skill and his amazing artistic vision."

William Wilson, Director of the Grand Center for the Arts in Tracy, California described Younger's photographs as "equally disturbing and charming". In an essay accompanying the catalog of the 2008 Grand Center exhibit, he wrote, "Dan Younger captures the moments in-between the anticipated highlights of the vacation.  These are depictions of what really goes on around us in the places we gather in attempts to be entertained, rewarded, and find relaxation.  Some of those moments are delightful, capturing the life affirming experiences we hope to find within our adventures. Others frame a sense of confusion, melancholy, and stress that comes with failed expectation of romance and frenetic pacing inside the amusement park. Ultimately Dan's efforts allow us to safely question ourselves in public.  He asks if our version, our story captured in print, displayed on our computers, flashed on our cell phones is more valuable than the monuments, these places of significance photographed. Perhaps the next time we find ourselves snapping pics or posing for the camera, we remember the insightful lessons positioned within the photographs of Travel Places"

Younger's photographs have also been used in the sets of NBC's "The Biggest Loser", on ABC's "Here Comes the Newlyweds" and on VH1's "Scot Baio is 45 - And Still Single". Tony Marsh, Executive Director of "Newlyweds" wrote that Younger's photographs are "bold and evocative. They do not merely document, beckoning you to wander around in the sublime space between first impression and fond memory".

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