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Drop Policy

This page was created to help faculty, staff and students navigate the new drop policy. For further questions about the policy, contact the Office of the Registrar.

First Four Weeks of Class

Students may drop any course through MyView and will not receive a grade. 

Weeks Five through Eight

Students may drop any course through MyView and will receive an EX grade. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss dropping the course with their instructor, academic advisor, or academic coach. 

Weeks Nine through Twelve

Students must get instructor approval to drop a course. The instructor will assign an grade of EX or EX-F. 


What if I want to drop a class after the twelfth week?

Students must provide documentation of exigent circumstance and receive both the instructor’s permission and approval of the dean. 

If I want to drop all of my classes or am dropping my last class, do I still need to go through the withdrawal process?

You will still need to complete the on-line survey regardless of when you withdraw during the semester. In weeks 9-12, dean's approval is required for withdrawal.

I am an International Student, do I still need to meet with International Student Services to drop a course?

If you are dropping below full-time status you will need to complete a Reduced Courseload Request form and submit it to the International Student Services office for approval before you will be approved to drop a course(s).

If I get an EX-F grade will it hurt my g.p.a.?

No, the EX-F course and grade are not calculated into g.p.a.'s. They are factored into course completion rates as not completed. Students are required to complete two-thirds of the hours they initially enroll in to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for Financial Aid.

What is the difference between an EX and an EX-F?

An EX-F is issued if the student is failing at the time of dropping the course.  If the student has a passing grade, an EX is issued.

What is the difference between an EX-F and an FN?

An EX-F grade indicates that you withdrew from the course and this was acknowledged by your instructor. An FN grade indicates that you had not participated in enough course activities to be awarded a grade.  The FN grade does count in your GPA

As a faculty member do I need to remember to enter these grades on the final grade roster?

No,  the grades will already be populated on the roster.