The Missouri Returning Heroes' (MRH) Education Act limits tuition charged to qualified combat veterans to $50.00 per credit hour for any program leading to a certificate of proficiency, associate, or bachelor degree.


  • A "combat veteran" is any person who served in a combat theatre of operations after September 11, 2001,
  • and is a current Missouri resident 
  • and who was discharged from military service under honorable conditions. 

The period during which a combat veteran is eligible for MRH is 10 years from the date of the veteran's last discharge from service. There is no initial GPA required to start using MRH, but students must maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher in subsequent semesters. Please read the Heroes' Act Implementation Q&A (pdf) to help determine if you fit the qualifications for this program. 

Full text bill

To apply, fill out the Missouri Returning Heroes Act Application and bring DD214, member 4 copy, to the Veterans Center. 

MRH Frequently Asked Questions


Legislation passed in October 2016 changed the way the MRH is applied to your student account.  Prior to this legislation, all financial aid was applied first and then, your total out-of-pocket tuition expense was capped at $50 per credit hour (plus any course fees).

Now, MRH is applied first which reduces your tuition cost to $50 per credit hour (plus fees) before any financial aid is applied. Thus, you will receive a refund if your total financial aid exceeds your tuition and fees under the MRH program. Here is an example of a student veteran who is taking 12 credit hours in the College of Business and receives a Pell grant and Post 9/11 benefits at the 90% rate:

Tuition Cost Breakdown
$4,026 Actual Tuition cost (12 credit hours x $335.5)
- $3,426 MRH waiver
= $600 Tuition cost under MRH
$900 College of Business course fees ($75 x 12 hours)
= $1,500 Total cost of tuition AND fees owed by the student
Financial Aid Breakdown
- $1,350 Post 9/11 at the 90% rate
- $2, 908 Pell Grant
= $2,758 Refund to student


For individuals who qualify for the MRH  and 100% Post 9/11 benefits, there is no additional benefit to using both at the same time, except for saving the VA on the total tuition cost that is sent directly to the University.

YES, the new change in MRH legislation requires UMSL to apply the MRH scholarship first and then any other financial aid (including the Pell Grant). Therefore, if your financial aid exceeds the cost of tuition & fees, you will receive a refund during the first week of the semester.

Using MRH, combined with the Montgomery GI Bill, could give you the largest amount of financial support for the longest period of time (48 months). Contact our office at (314) 516-5705 before applying for MGIB or Post-9/11 benefits to discuss which chapter would maximize your benefits.

NO.  MRH can only be applied to bachelors-level coursework and certificate programs.

Yes. If you qualify for MRH, you will always be eligible as long as you continue to meet the 2.5 GPA requirement and you’re within 10 years of separation from the military.

If you are looking to conserve your GI Bill, we recommend using MRH alone to cover the cost of some of your undergraduate coursework, especially summer courses when you are not considered a full-time student. Just keep in mind that the MRH program does not come with a housing or book stipend, so you will need another plan for covering your living expenses.
It’s important to note that MRH can only be used to pay for courses that are completed. If you drop a course after the initial 100% reassessment period (i.e. the first week of the semester), you may be charged based on the Cashier’s Office reassessment schedule for the FULL cost of the course. For example, if you decide to drop a course after the 5th week of the semester, you will receive an excused grade (or “EX”) on your transcript and you may be charged for the full cost of the course (e.g. $1,006.50 for a 3 credit hour course plus fees).
UMSL must wait to apply MRH until grades are posted from the current/previous semester to ensure you meet the GPA requirement. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher after the first semester.
To apply, fill out the Missouri Returning Heroes Act Application and bring a DD214, member 4 copy, to the Veterans Center (Clark Hall 211).