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TritonCard User Agreement

  1. Card Purpose.  Your TritonCard is your official UMSL multi-purpose photo identification card.  Your card may be used on campus for multiple purposes including:  photo identification; use of student meal plans  and stored value; access to Campus facilities; use of Campus resources such as the Library; and Campus printing.  Use of these facilities and resources may be denied without your TritonCard present.  The card must be carried at all times while on Campus and presented to University officials upon request. 

  2. Card Eligibility.  In order to be eligible to be issued a TritonCard, at the time the card is requested you must be either enrolled at UMSL for at least 1 course during the current academic term or in the HR system as a current employee or in a New Employee Request status.    University of Missouri employees attached to the Saint Louis campus may also be eligible to receive a TritonCard.

  3. Identity Verification.  Prior to having your first TritonCard issued, you must show a valid government-issued photo identification card.  Acceptable credentials include:  driver’s license or non-driving Department of Motor Vehicles photo ID; US passport or passport card; US military ID; US Employment Authorization Card (EAD).  The TritonCard will use your name on record.  For changes to this information, please contact the Registrar’s office or Human Resources.

  4. Card Validity.  Your TritonCard is valid as long as you are enrolled or active in the HR system.  Your TritonCard is void upon termination of enrollment or employment.  Only the cardholder’s most recently issued TritonCard will remain active and able to be used.  Once replaced, a TritonCard is permanently deactivated and may not be used, reactivated, or exchanged.  Upon employment termination by the University, the TritonCard must be surrendered to either the immediate supervisor or Human Resources.

  5. Card Use.  The TritonCard is the property of UMSL and may be used only by the cardholder it is assigned to.  Do not share your TritonCard with others or attempt to use a TritonCard belonging to someone else.  Do not attempt to use a TritonCard that is no longer valid.  Misuse of a TritonCard may subject the user to disciplinary action. 

  6. Lost or Stolen Cards.  Lost or stolen cards should be reported to the TritonCard office in a timely fashion.  In the event that a valid and current card is found and turned in to the TritonCard office, TritonCard staff will attempt to contact the holder by official University email.

  7. Replacement Fees.  Your first TritonCard will be issued free of charge.  There is a charge to students for a replacement card.  Effective January 1, 2015 the replacement fee will be $15.  There is no fee to replace a defective card, provided the card is turned in to the TritonCard office and was the most recently issued card. 

  8. Card Protection.  You must protect your TritonCard from harm or damage.

  9. Confidentiality.  Student card activity and photographs are protected information in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and will be subject to the UMSL Privacy Policy. 

  10. Use of Photographs.  Photographs captured for the purpose of the TritonCard will be used in accordance with the Personally Identifiable Photo Policy.

  11. Updated Policies.  Information Technology Services reserves the right to update and amend these policies in the future.  Up-to-date policies and other TritonCard information can be found online by visiting ITS.

Acceptance and/or use of the TritonCard constitutes acceptance of the above.

Last updated:  01/05/2015