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Transfer Guides help a student attending St. Charles Community College (SCC) to select the best courses for transfer to UMSL for a particular major. Each guide lists the requirements of an Associates degree program at SCC and includes certain courses within those requirements that will also apply to the selected UMSL Bachelors degree. Following the plans prescribed in the transfer guides will maximize the transferability and applicability of the student’s Associates degree. Be sure to use these guides in conjunction with advisement from an SCC Academic Advisor or an UMSL Transfer Specialist.


Don’t plan to complete an Associates degree at SCC?
Please contact the UMSL Transfer Specialist for your campus for advisement on which particular courses should be taken at the Community College. Also, you can use the following transfer guide to help you select SCC courses to fulfill the general education requirements at UMSL as all majors must satisfy these:

UMSL General Education Transfer Guide 

NEW GUIDES COMING SOON!  Until they are posted, if you need a guide, please contact Sue Bateman at  or Julie Harms at .  Thank you!

SCC Transfer Guides


Actuarial Science


Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Biology - Bachelor of Arts Option
Biology - Bachelor of Science Option

Business Administration

Chemistry - Bachelor of Arts Option
Chemistry - Bachelor of Science Option

Civil Engineering


Computer Science

Computing Technology

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Dual Language Professional

Economics - Bachelor of Arts Option
Economics - Bachelor of Science Option

Educational Studies: Early Childhood
Educational Studies: Exercise Science
Educational Studies: Park and Museum Programs
Educational Studies: Youth and Adult Development

Electrical Engineering





Information Systems

International Relations


Mathematics - Bachelor of Arts Option
Mathematics - Bachelor of Science Option

Mechanical Engineering


Music - Bachelor of Arts Option
Music - Bachelor of Music Option
Music Business

Nursing - Pre-Licensure
Nursing - RN to BSN Completion- contact Sue Bateman for details, (314) 516-4139 or


Physics - Bachelor of Arts Option
Physics - Bachelor of Science Option

Political Science

Psychology - Bachelor of Arts Option
Psychology - Bachelor of Science Option

Public Policy & Administration

Social Work

Sociology - Bachelor of Arts Option
Sociology - Bachelor of Science Option


Studio Art

Art Education
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
Middle School Education
Music Education
Physical Education
Secondary Education

Interdisciplinary Studies

Liberal Studies

Pre-Health Science - Includes Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharm, Pre-Vet, OT, PT, PA, Clinical Lab Science