Computer system support and end-of-life policy 

UCP provides universal computer system coverage for eligible faculty and staff to ensure they have supportable,  secure, and reasonably up-to-date computer systems.  Unless otherwise identified as billable, centrally-managed systems will be supported, both software and hardware, at no additional cost  until the system is deemed end-of-life.  

A UCP computers and associated peripherals will be refreshed after a minimum of 5 years or when they have reached end-of-life as determined by ITS. At that time the user will receive an invitation to have the system replaced.  

As hardware ages it becomes less reliable, more difficult and time consuming to support, and can create security risks and therefore must be declared end-of-life.  End-of-life, as defined here, is when the operating system is no longer supported by the vendor and the hardware cannot support a new operating system, the security officer declares the operating system a security risk, or the hardware has reached six years in age.  When a system reaches end-of-life it will no longer be supported and will no longer be allowed on the UMSL network.  For security reasons there can be no exceptions. 


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