Windows 10

You can add TritonApps applications to your Start Menu in Windows 10.


  1. Click the Start Menu, and type "RemoteApp". When RemoteApp and Desktop Connections appears, click it to launch.
  2. In RemoteApp and Desktop Connections window, click Access RemoteApp and desktops
  3. Enter the connection URL: and click Next
  4. When the Ready to set up the connection screen is displayed, click Next.
  5. Enter your user name as and your SSO password in Windows Security window, and click OK.
    Windows Security dialog
  6. Once the setup is finished (the number of programs available may vary), click Finish to close the window.
    Successful setup
  7. To launch an application, click the Start Menu, and find TritonApps (RADC) folder.  Select the application you wish to run.
  8. When launching an application, you may be asked whether you want to trust the publisher You may want to check "Don't ask me again for remote connections from this publisher", and then click OK.
    Do you trust the publisher of this RemoteApp program?
  9. When prompted for username and password, enter your username as and your password
    Enter your credentials