In order to access TritonApps on a Mac, you must visit the App Store and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. Make sure to download and install Version 10 or higher.

Once the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is installed, you will have the option of opening it immediately, but you can also launch it from the Applications menu on your Mac.

Once you launch Remote Desktop, you should set up Folder Redirection so that you can save files to your Mac. In the upper-left corner, select the metal gear icon and then select Preferences from the drop-down menu.


From the drop-down under "if folder redirection is enabled..." click Choose Folder... and select a folder on your Mac where the files you work on remotely will be saved.


With Folder Redirection set, it now time to set up the workspace. Click the Workspace tab and then choose Add Workspace.

Add workspace

Enter the address: and click Add.

You are asked then for a User Account. If you are on your own machine, change the "Ask when required" to "Add User Account".
This enables you to save your SSO account for continued use. Add user

You are then prompted to Add a User Account
For Username use um-ad\ssoid
For Password use your SSO password.
For Friendly name use UMSL or another name of your choice, and click Add.

Select the Workspaces tab, and you should see the applications available from TritonApps.


Launch the Application you want to run.