From Chrome OS, open the Play Store


  1. Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and choose the result that matches exactly.
    Play Store
  2. When the Microsoft Remote Desktop app page is loaded, click the Install button.  When installation is completed, click the Open button.
    Open app
  3. If you agree to the terms, please click Accept
    Accept Terms
  4. When the Remote Desktop app is loaded, click the + sign in the upper right, and select Remote Resource Feed
    Add connection
  5. For the Feed URL, enter and click Next.  For User Name, select the option to Add user account
    Add remote resource
  6. Enter your username as with your SSO password, and click Save.
    Add user
  7. Continue through the setup by clicking Next and Save.
  8. The Remote Desktop app will retrieve the list of applications from TritonApps.  Click the Apps tab to see the available applications.
    Apps tab
  9. The first time an application is launched, you may see a warning asking if you trust the remote PC.  You may want to select "Never ask again for connections to this PC" before clicking Connect.Make sure you trust the PC before you connect
  10. If prompted to grant permissions to the Remote Desktop application, please click Allow.Grant permissions
  11. The application you chose should load.Application is loading