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Cascade 8 Upgrade

Cascade 8 Upgrade

This page includes information about some of the significant changes in Cascade version 8. For the most part, things will work the same as they always did, but there are a few changes featured below.

Find Your Site

The Dashboard in V8 looks very different and takes up the whole screen. To see the "asset tree" (the list of folders and pages), select a site from the Sites drop-down menu at the top of the screen, or from the My Sites widget on your Dashboard. 

Save and Submit Your Page

The Update Draft button has been replaced with Save & Preview which allows you to preview your changes before doing a final Submit. When you click Save & Preview, you will see a draft of your page, but it has not been Submitted and you can not Publish it yet. If your changes look good, click the Submit button. You will now be able to Publish the page.

You can skip the Save & Preview step, and Submit directly from the edit window. Click the "Advanced Submit" button (the three vertical dots) next to the Save & Preview button. Then click Submit.

Add Content, Settings and Other Options

The Add Content Menu replaced the New menu.  Select Add Content to create new pages, upload files, create external links, etc.