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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Features Include:

  • Integrated chat (IM) like Skype
  • Online meetings (like Zoom)
  • Phone calls
  • File management 
  • A project workspace all in one interface

Why would I want to use Teams? Here are just a few reasons…

  • Simplified communication: Resume a conversation at any time or even send a file when someone is offline in real time. 
  • Increased communication: Instant messaging capabilities with both faculty/staff and students.
  • Easier collaboration: Reduce the need to juggle between multiple applications with a single “hub” for your project notes, Office files, conversations and meetings.
  • Communicate naturally. Customizable memes and giphys make communicating fun, plus @mention capability calls attention to a recipient.

We encourage you to learn more about Teams and test using it in the coming days to help smooth your transition from one messaging client to the other.  


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