Obtaining Technology on Campus

Triton Store 

The Triton Store, located on the second floor of the Millennium Student Center, sells computer hardware and software. The Triton Store offers many popular pieces of software, as well as computers, tablets, and associated peripherals.  For more information, please the Triton Store site



TritonApps is a service offered at UMSL that allows students to use various software products, such as Word, Excel, and SPSS, for free.  This service is available either from on or off campus.  To access this service, please visit Tritonapps.


Software Distribution

The Software Distribution page offers various pieces of software for students to download onto their PCs or Macs.  Not all software offered on this page is available on TritonApps, and vice versa.  To access this service, please visit this site.

Additionally, students are able to download Microsoft Office 365 onto their PCs. The following PDF contains instructions.