You will need to obtain and activate your Single Sign On (SSO) ID to access your accounts and log into the computers in the campus labs. Follow this link on “Getting Connected on Campus” for more details on your SSO ID and our networks.

Using Canvas

Canvas provides you with access to a course’s online resources such as: class documents, discussion forums, online exams, and a variety of other internet resources.

Access Canvas. When prompted, enter your SSO ID (username) and password.

After logging on to the Canvas system you will be brought to your “UMSL Services” tab. From this page you can access all of your class sites at UMSL that utilize Canvas, as well as a variety of other campus based resources.

There are also several other tabs that provide you with information and access to other services. 


Each registered student is given a single email address on the server studentmail. The default size of all student email accounts is 50 gigabytes. To check your email, visit the login page. You can also access this account through Canvas.

Your student email address will be:

…where “yourssoid” is your own SSO ID.

For example, if your SSO ID is abc123 then your email address will be:

Password: To start using your email account, you must activate your SSO ID and choose a secure password.

For assistance with email, visit any of the computing labs on campus. Also, you may contact the Technology Support Center for any issues with your Studentmail account.