USB Flash Drives

(USB) flash memory drives are compact, fast and reliable file storage. Every new computer sold in recent years has several USB ports (sockets). The USB Flash Drive simply plugs into one of these ports (usually found on the back but now increasingly popular also on the front). No cables, power supplies, or batteries are required. No need to shut down your computer.

Alternative names are USB Flash Disk, Thumb Drive, etc.

Current USB Flash Drives are truly ‘plug and play’ on all Windows and Mac OS – meaning no additional software is required - the device automatically becomes visible as a new hard drive.

All the computer labs on campus have the capability to use USB Flash drives. Ask a consultant in the labs how to utilize this file storage method.

Google Drive

All UMSL students have access to Google Apps for Higher Education including Google Drive

Google Drive provides unlimited, convenient storage space of documents that you use often on many different computers, as well as sharing and collaborative features. 

Should you need further information on accessing and using your Google Drive UMSL account, please visit this site.