You will need to obtain and activate your Single Sign On (SSO) ID to access your accounts and log into the computers in the campus labs.

How to find your SSO ID

Visit Password Management.

How to activate your SSO ID

You can activate your SSO ID through MyView by clicking on the forgot your password link. Then select the recover password button and activate your account or change your password.

Once you know your SSO ID and have activated it, you will be able to access various accounts which are created for you 3 days after you have been admitted to UMSL.

The SSO ID allows access to the following ITS services:

    • Canvas (for online courses)
    • Studentmail (student email)
    • Access to Lab/Classroom Computers
    • Wireless
    • Dorms/University Meadows Network
    • File Storage Space (Network File Storage)
    • Semester Grades
    • Unix Account

 Please contact the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034 if you need help, or visit a lab on campus for assistance from a lab consultant.

UMSL Student Wired Network (Ethernet)

Network service via an Ethernet (network) port for students in the residential halls, is available and is included with the room and board fees. For more information you can contact Residential Life at 314-516-6877.


Network (Ethernet) adapter
This may be a built-in port, an add-on card, or a USB adapter. If the adapter was not pre-installed, please follow the adapter’s included instructions to properly install the adapter and driver software. If you have problems installing your adapter, you must contact the manufacturer; the Technology Support Center at UMSL cannot support your computer or its hardware.

Network (Ethernet) cable
All wired hookups use a standard network (Ethernet) cable. You can use your own network cable (if you own one) or you can purchase this cable at the University Bookstore.

How Can I Get Connected
There are many ways to get on the network at UMSL. You can get connected in one of our many computer labs, in our computer classrooms, with our KIOSK machines located around campus, and with your own personal device through our wireless network.

Residential Hall Students: To activate your Ethernet connection, contact the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034.

For more information and setup instructions, please visit the TSC Site and click on Getting Connected.

TritonNet Wireless

By using the wireless network, you will be able to access your e-mail, Canvas, and other related internet services without being confined to a computer lab. Wireless Internet Access is available in several locations across campus. For more information concerning coverage or WIFI issues, please contact the Technology Support Center at 516-6034 or visit the TritonNet Wireless page.


Network Access Control (Bradford Network)

Back in July of 2008 all devices connecting to the UMSL Computer Network must be registered through our Network Access Control System (NAC). NAC is an important part of network security and is called Bradford.

Follow this link for instructions on logging into our Bradford system with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What Can I Get Connected With?

You can get connected to the UMSL network with a variety of devices on a variety of platforms (Windows, Apple, Android). Laptops, smartphones, and tablets can all connect to our network.

Review the above instructions on logging into our Bradford network before beginning.

If you have any questions or problems, please call 314-516-6034.