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Exam Keys

All exams must have a key, coded on the same type of answer sheet that the students used, and placed on top of the stack of student exams. The key should be clearly marked with the word "KEY" and the name of the professor should be coded in the name grid.

Coding a key when there is more than one correct answer to a question:
If there is more than one correct answer to a particular question, multiple keys must be coded. For Example, if question #1 is to be scored as correct if either B or C is coded, two keys are needed. The first key would have "B" coded for question 1 along with all the correct answers for all the other questions. The second key would only have "C" coded for question #1 (all other questions are left blank).

Multiple Responses:
No question on a key or student answer sheet may have more than one response coded for the same question. A multiple mark will be replaced with a blank in the output record and the question scored as incorrect.